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4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That You’ll Love Giving as Much as He’ll Love Getting!

Sunday is Father’s Day, so it’s time to spoil Dad! That doesn’t mean running out and buying the latest tech gadget. The best gift you can give is the gift of your time (remember Cat’s In the Cradle?) so why not think of ways you can share the day with him instead? We’ve got four great ideas to get you thinking:


Out-of-Town Splurge: If you have the time and are able to splurge for a day at Ste. Anne’s Spa, I highly recommend it! Most men don’t know they like to be pampered. Ste. Anne’s is nestled in the rolling hills of Northumberland County in Southern Ontario. Dad can enjoy a relaxing massage or other spa treatment, a three-course lunch, and fancy afternoon tea. For more adventurous dads, they have horseback riding and hiking trails or he might enjoy a game of tennis or an hour or two in the fully equipped gym. To make it even more special, spend the day with him at the spa for a day of bonding and pampering!

Tangy Foodie Adventure: For the adventurous, health-conscious foodie dad, why not gift him a fermenting class? Making your own sauerkraut, kimchi, and fermented vegetables is easy, fun, and delicious! Classes are offered at For the Love of Body.

Cheap & Cheerful: Dinner and a movie is always fun. Treat him to a dad-worthy burger and take in a movie at your local theatre. Surely Dad has had a strong female figure in his life? He’d appreciate the Wonder Woman movie this Father’s Day!


Homebody Finger-Licking-Goodness: If your dad is anything like mine and more of a homebody, why not make him his favourite meal? My dad is a meat-and-potatoes fellow. Here’s what’s on our menu this weekend:



And we’re washing it all down with a big ol’ jug of Bobby Flay’s red and delicious sangria!!

We’d love to hear how you’re spoiling your dad for his special day!

From all of us at DNA, Happy Father’s Day!

Posted by: Maria