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CAAT Pension Plan

The Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Pension Plan is a multi-employer, defined benefit plan. It oversees retirement savings ($5.6 billion) and administers the benefits for 34,000 plan members in Ontario’s community colleges and related organizations. Created 20 years ago, CAAT’s identity was dated

DNA undertook a brand re-visioning which included re-affirming CAAT’s core values – innovation, industry knowledge and responsible decision-making. DNA used CAAT’s core value to design a new identity based on the tree of wisdom that incorporated an open book reflecting CAAT’s role in building knowledge. The tree’s leaves symbolized constant growth and the trunk pension fund safekeeping.

The new identity was embraced by employees, stakeholders, clients and plan members. The identity was applied to all materials and was a highlight of the inaugural Annual Report.

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